Steps to add an image to your Hotmail signature

Outlook is mostly used for sending and receiving mails online. Outlook is used in all parts of world for sending and receiving of personal as well as professional mails. It is because of its user friendly approach that it is widely used for its mail services.

When an outlook user sends any mail he had options with which he can add his signature so that whenever a mail is sent the receiver will automatically receive a signature with the mail and now with whole new feature of outlook you can also add an image to your signature.

So as to add an image to your signature you need to follow these steps:

Add image in hotmail signature

  1. Move the image to a web site or server
  2. Open Hotmail.
  3. Click on More Options and then Personal Signature.
  4. Now add an image by clicking on the previous one and then move it to the signature one.
  5. Image can be moved or edited.  Many images can be added

By adding images to the mails at the signature your receiver can differentiate between the mails and can get exact idea from where they are receiving the mails.

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