Get quick steps to block a sender by email address in Hotmail

Sender account blocked

Hotmail is one of the world best email services obtainable among the people. It has been praised for its interesting and unique features & facilities. But its complicated features and services have put the clients in to trouble to certain extent. Here in this post, you will learn how to block a sender by email address.

When you are receiving constant newsletters mails from a company or organization, you don’t care about it. However, if you are receiving harassing emails from unknown person or more that you wish you didn’t even have to see it. But don’t worry, in case of this problem hotmail provides an option you to easily block specific email addresses or entire domains.

By following these steps you can block the any email address:

Hotmail Account Sign in: Go to the hotmail web address through your web browser then sign into your hotmail account from you current password and email address.

Hotmail account sign in

Go to account setting option: When login your account, you click on option link which is shown on right hand side corner of blue line.

Hotmail account setting option

Click block account setting link: Go to the More mail settings section then you select “Safe and blocked senders” under Preventing junk mail option and again click on “Blocked Senders”.

Safe and blocked sender

Enter blocked email address: Type the sender email addresses or domains which you want to block it then click on add to list button.

Blocked account

E-mail/domain will now be added to Blocked senders. And here your work is done; now you can go back your mail account section and enjoy your all hotmail service without any fear.

Get immediate help and resolutions for other hotmail email account issues. We suggest you to directly contact on Hotmail Customer Service Number then only you can cope with many issues.

Hotmail phone number

By calling this Hotmail Contact Number 0800 098 8400 then you can get the instant help to any hotmail problem. They are always ready for your help. 

If you can’t attach the file in hotmail account you can take help in just one place:


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