Add an Internet Calendar in Outlook with Help of Technical Experts

Outlook is one of the leading and most precise web based email service provided by Microsoft. Outlook has many features which is very helpful for its users. Outlook will take Internet-based calendars, like the Google calendar. This permits Outlook users to figure on internal calendars whereas retentive a calendar that others will see and share on the web. Hotmail Contact Number helps you in adding calendars in your Outlook.

Internet calendar in outlook

Here are the instructions to add calendars in your Outlook:

  • Boot your Outlook.
  • Certify that you have got designed an active account.
  • Now you may recognize a compatible internet calendar. See your calendar supplier to see if they support the webcal protocol and may give iCal files ending in .ics. If it is not, then you may choose a supplier who supports this protocol.
  • Certify any public sharing settings you would like for remote calendar access are designed.
  • In the net calendar configuration, find the iCal net address, which has a file ending in .ics.
  • Now copy that URL to the input board.
  • Now insert the link of iCal into the Outlook. Now you have to choose the option of File, and so click on Data File Management.
  • Now choose the tab of Internet Calendars.
  • Click New, so paste the iCal URL into the sphere.
  • Then tap on the given option of Add.
  • Now you may configure the subscription. The name of the calendar file displays next to “Folder Name” amendment it if necessary.
  • Add an outline to form the calendar simple to spot if you put in further calendars.
  • Check whether or not you would like attachments to transfer from the web calendar beneath “Attachments“.
  • Finally, choose whether or not you would like the subscription per the publisher’s recommendations. Checking this feature ensures that you just won’t exceed the publisher’s limitations and risk having your calendar account suspended.
  • When it is done then you may click on ok.
  • Click “Close” to come back to Outlook.
  • When the web calendar is updated, it’ll show beneath “Other Calendars” within the Calendars section of Outlook.
  • Choose it to manage your activities as you would like them displayed on the web.
  • You will be able to use your internet Calendar as you’d internal Outlook calendars, like displaying them side-by-side for straightforward repeating of things from one to a different.

Hotmail Tech Support Help Desk

Now you are able to add a calendar in your Outlook.  If you still not add a calendar in Outlook then you can dial Hotmail Contact Number UK 0800 098 8400 to consult about your every issue with related to your Hotmail account.


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