Make your work easy with Top features of Hotmail

Hotmail is the most reliable and trustworthy free internet based email service which is used in all across the world. It is used as a major need of the professional as well as for personal work. It is started in 1996 and it is still in progression to serve a brilliant place to access their email account and manage their works.

Top feature of Hotmail

Hotmail has lots of top and world class which makes it so unique from any other services. It gives the user the easy control to handle and perform the different tasks. It additionally started a tech support service for its users to make them comfortable while using the email account. Hotmail Contact Number is available for the users to ask about any help or if they have any problem then they can consult with the technical team to get the solutions of any problem. It is widely known for its trusted services which will support you at every time whenever you need their help. You can solve your every single problem which you are facing in accessing your email account.

Hotmail provides lots of features to the users due to which it is favorable of the users. Some of the services and information about them are mentioned below:

  •        Huge Storage Space:

It provides a huge storage space by which you can send and receive unlimited emails without any worry about the process of deleting the important emails. It exceeds the normal usage. You can also be able to attach a large file and send them to the desired recipients. You need not to make any changes.

When you integrate your email account with your social life, then this become more interesting. By integrating with the Facebook, Twitter and many other sites, then everything become easy for you to manage the things. It also allows you to create one click Filters which categorize messages from social media, contacts and groups too.

  •        Enhanced option of Customization:

This feature lets you to view, edit and share the documents on the go without any need to download the file. The presence of the document on the Hotmail cloud simplifies your life. You need not to carry your computer everywhere. It also offers real time document collaboration which enables more than one user to make changes at the same time and it also saves a lot of time.

  •        Simple and Quick to Use:

It is very simple and it is very quick when you use. With the features of Quick View, you can easily filter the emails depending on your needs to see. As similar, the Active View feature allows you to view links of websites within the interface of the email.

  •        Security:

It also a brilliant feature that it provides a top quality security to its users. It is not available only for your login process but for the entire session. With that kind of excellent security features you need not to worry about the hackers.

  •        Help and Support:

This feature is also available for the hotmail users to get the solution of their every problem. You can take the help and full support by this service to get out of your problems with the hotmail. Experts are available at 24*7 to give the users proper help and support to resolve their issues and problems.

That is all about the splendid features of the hotmail, and it is good for the users to use this email service. If you have any doubt and issues, then you can contact to Hotmail UK Contact Number 0800 098 8400 to get the solutions.


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